DESO Body and DESO Face (Deoxycholic acid) are designed to treat stubborn pockets of fat, that do not reduce with diet and exercise. Targeting clients with a healthy BMI.

The injectable treatment is a safe, approved and effective way to destroy the fat cells, which are then excreted naturally through the body's own lymphatic system.

Typical areas treated:

- DESO Chin/Double chin

- DESO Abdomen

- DESO Back/bra rolls

- DESO Inner Thighs

- DESO Arms


Several sessions (typically between 2-6 sessions) are often required to reach desired results, spaced 4 - 8 weeks apart.


Appointment Duration - 45 minutes

Anaesthesia - In product

Pain Level - Minimal

Recovery - Swelling, bruising and tenderness is expected and gradually reduces over a course of up to 4 weeks.

A compression garment is recommended for 24 hours and each night for 1 week.

Results/Duration - Permanent, unless body weight gained.




DESO Face - £250 a session

DESO Body - £300 a session