Our Pro Facial is the total solution for perfect and effective facial care. It incorporates 4 different technologies for deep cleansing, exfoliation, pore clearance, hydration, skin rejuvenation and anti wrinkle effects.

Perfect for all skin types and gentle enough for acne prone skins.

The Pro Facial consists of:

Aqua Peeling - 

A deep cleanse in two steps:

Pro Solution 1 - Using lactic acid to exfoliate and give a smooth skin texture.

Pro Solution 2 - Salicylic acid to clear pores from acne, blackheads and debris.

Pro Solution 3 - Followed by a hydrating serum contains peptides and Acetyl hexapeptide - a synthesised Botox which tightens and lifts the skin.

Upgrade to the Pro Facial Deluxe for the addition of:

Multipolar Radio Frequency

Creates a low heat in the skin to improve circulation, and stimulates collagen production for tightening, lifting and glowing skin. Painless and with an immediate effect.


The sono hand piece uses micro vibration and phonophoresis to diffuse targeted products from the face mask into the skin. It melts fat and cellulite cells to give a smooth skin texture.

Ion Lifting

Stimulates skin tissue, muscle and hair providing improvement in elasticity and creates a lifting effect. Improves the delivery of topical products within the face mask.

Appointment Duration - 1 hour

Areas - Face, neck & body

Anaesthesia - Not required.

Recovery - Occasional slight pinkness, typically settles in 1 hour

Prices - 

Pro Facial £69

Pro Facial Deluxe £99

Dermaplaning can be added for an additional £20

Results - Immediate. Improved results with multiple treatments.