Sunekos is a injectable treatment containing amino acids and hyaluronic acid (naturally within our skin) which stimulates our fibroblasts, to increase our collagen and elastin. In turn helping to restore elasticity and volume to your skin. It will also improve skin hydration.

Sunekos is not a dermal filler.

Sunekos can be used to treat 






And under the eyes to reduce dark circles, bags and lines

Sunekos helps with:

Lines & wrinkles


Loss of volume

Skin tone



Sunekos is recommended in a course of 3-4 treatments, at 7-10 day intervals.

Courses can be repeated after 6 months to maintain and improve results.



Appointment Duration - 45 minutes

Areas - Face, neck, décolleté, hands, body and under eyes.

Anaesthesia - Not required, minimal pain.

Recovery - Some initial redness, swelling & bruising possible

Prices -

1 Session £150

4 Sessions £550

Eye Treatment

1 Session £150

3 Sessions £450

Results - Best results seen from 8-12 weeks